Give importance to your label by allowing artists to send their demos.

User friendly demo submission

  • Offer your user a simple form to submit their demos
  • Avoid broken download links
  • Ensure to collect all necessary user data
  • Be notify when someone submit a demo
User friendly demo submission

Do not miss a future hit!

  • Centralized and manage all user data and files on our servers
  • Do not clutter or saturate your mailbox with large audio files
  • Quick look at the status of the demos
  • Listen or download tracks
See at a glance all submitted demos with their status

Follow effectively submitted demos

Save time and avoid oversight by customizing automatic accepted and rejected answers
  • Import to your address book user information
  • Configure Accepted and Rejected answer templates
  • Automatically send your final answer to recipient without wasting time.

Still not convinced?

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