Easily send to thousand of subscribers you promo campaigns.

No complex computing skills are required, launch your first campaing in few clicks!

Schedule your campaigns

  • Send a campaign to a single address or an entire promo list
  • Plan exactly when your campaings will be sent
  • Re-schedule your sent campaigns if you need to launch your promo another time to different senders.
Schedule as many time as you want your promo to one or more lists

Real-time statistics & reporting

See at a glance all user mail status
  • Monitor your sent campaign in details
  • Have an eye on email status
    (opened, click, bounced, spam...)

Monitor users

  • Find where users are coming from
  • Export user name and e-mail address by country.
See in details where users are coming from and show/export them by country

Analyze received feedbacks

See and export submitted feedbacks and rating
  • Check submitted comments, delivered rating and number of downloads for a single promo or any.
  • See at a glance rating and feedback statistics
  • Export in PDF feedbacks and statistics for a specific promo and send it to artist. They will glad to see the ratings given by listeners!

Still not convinced?

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